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Biteful is a free tile-matching arcade game with good flow. It has the most simple tile-matching mechanic possible - there are only two pieces which are randomly generated. Chain combos by completing the puzzles within two seconds and break the world record. Or play carefully at your pace. This game is only available on Android. You can play it in your browser here: http://www.damselgames.com/biteful/


Ivaylo and Andrey met online and decided to make a small game. Both of us have a history of working on ambitions game projects and needed a change of pace. The prototype was done in a day but we've spent months polishing it.


  • Very simple game mechanics
  • Randomly generated boards
  • Each board can be cleared in a few seconds
  • Streamlined interface to avoid downtime between boards and after game over
  • No game over from time pressure but quick combos give you more points
  • Online leaderboards


Biteful: Gameplay Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)
1. Biteful - Start.png
2. Biteful - Play1.png
3. Biteful - Combo.png
4. Biteful - Lose.png
5. Biteful - Play2.png
6. Biteful - Win.png
7. Biteful - HighScores.png

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Play Biteful online in your browser
Requires the Unity browser plugin: damselgames.com.

About Damsel Games

Damsel Games is an alias of Ivaylo Haralampiev. A game developer from Bulgaria living in Germany with a day-job in physics simulation for engineering applications. Damsel Games is not a company yet. Ivaylo is currently working on multiple projects with different people. Disclamer: Ivaylo might not be an actual damsel.

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Biteful Credits

Andrey Kamenov (Freelancer)

Ivaylo Haralampiev (Damsel Games)
Code and Design

Olmo Lipani (HHStudios)

Dmitriy Terskov (Omen Type)
Free Font

AdMob integration

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks