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Left-Right-Jump is a 2D platformer with a level designer. Our goal is to provide good running and jumping physics first and work from there. We are implementing multiple gameplay components which can be combined or interact witch with each other in predefined but creative ways. For example an enemy might hide under a barrel, run atop of it or swim in it. A shooter might try to pop balloons with arrows, fly with a balloon or ride a flying arrow.


This is an ambitious project of two guys with day-jobs. Georgi is a comics artist. Ivaylo does physics models for engineers. We met online and made a few platformer prototypes (in GameMaker, Flash, JavaScript and Unity) before settling on Left-Right-Jump in 2012. We are still in the prototyphing phase. It has been a really fun concept to explore so far. We'll finish it eventually.


  • Running, jumping, swimming and other platformer game mechanics.
  • Enemies and other gameplay objects can interact with each other in interesting ways.
  • Level designer with level sharing.


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (9MB)
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About Damsel Games

Damsel Games is an alias of Ivaylo Haralampiev. A game developer from Bulgaria living in Germany with a day-job in physics simulation for engineering applications. Damsel Games is not a company yet. Ivaylo is currently working on multiple projects with different people. Disclamer: Ivaylo might not be an actual damsel.

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Left-Right-Jump Credits

Georgi Mishkov

Ivaylo Haralampiev (Damsel Games)

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks